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**We DO NOT take walk ins - Appointment only**

At Paris & Company, our price of grooming is affected by your dog's weight and coat type. We require a consultation in person to give you a 100% accurate quote. Finding your dog's weight and coat type will allow you to have a better understanding on how we price our grooming.
Make sure you check out our pricing calculator on each page.

**PLEASE NOTE: These prices are based on dogs that are groomed on a (4-8 week) schedule.
We charge extra for matted dogs, dogs with fleas, extra scissor work, difficult behaviour and overdue fees.**

Please read our website to try and see where your dog fits. If you are unsure, book a consultation here or email us at



Although many dog breeds can shed and mat, we refer to groom-ables as a breed that needs regular hair trimming every 4-8 weeks.

A groom-able coat will keep growing while a natural coat type will stop at a certain point, such as a Pug or Siberian Husky.


We refer to natural coats as a coat type that is pretty much always shedding. This coat type may have a prominent double coat that requires regular brushing. Regular brushing helps to diminish shedding, it also helps your dog release its coat during warmer seasons which essentially keeps them cool.

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