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Unfortunately we aren't taking any NEW clients until January. Please leave us your name and number if you'd like to be put on our cancellation list.



If you're wondering where your dog fits into the pricing (by weight and coat type), you would like to request an appointment or have any questions, send us a message! Make sure you have checked out our pricing calculator to receive an approximate quote.

(You can access our pricing calculator once you pick a coat type -


We require a consultation appointment to be able to give you a 100% guaranteed quote. 

We will answer any of your questions. Consultations are usually booked at the end of our day (5-6pm). This is a great way to know what to expect and a chance to meet your preferred groomer.


We will respond within 1-2 business days.

We usually do not respond on weekends.

Fill out the form below, then we will respond within 1-2 business days. 

**Prices from quote may vary upon consultation**



Filling out our appointment request form helps us have a better understanding of your dog's specific grooming requirements/needs. You may also ask us questions through email although we strongly advise you to look at our FAQ page before emailing - there is a good chance your question may already be answered!

Be sure to include your name, phone number and more detailed information on your dog's breed (such as size, coat type, behaviour, and allergies).

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us a 24-48 hour notice or you will be charged no show fees.

If you aren't sure where your dog fits into pricing, please refer to our Full Grooming page.

** If you are looking for nail trims or any other Individual Grooming, we still require an appointment.**

*If one of our groomers responds to your form with an appointment time/date, you have

48 hours to confirm or the given appointment slot will be given to someone else.*

*If your form was successful, you will be directed to a confirmation page!*

If you are not directed to a confirmation page, please email us with the correct form details such as name, number and as much information as possible about your dog.


When you are looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift or a gift for any occasion, spoil them with a Paris and Company gift card!

A minimum of $15 allows you to help someone pay for a nail trim, add a blueberry facial to their next grooming, or if your furry friends need a quick face trim, you can help make their day!


At Paris and Company, we believe a dog must have its nails clipped regularly. It can become painful for a dog to have long nails, almost like if we had on too tight of shoes! We recommend a nail trim every 4-5 weeks.

Our nail coupon offers you a nail trim for FREE! After seven nail clippings, you receive your eighth nail session on us.



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