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At Paris and Company we offer a wide variety of services to pamper your pooch(es)!



**We DO NOT take walk ins - Appointment only**


Click here to see our selection of coat types! You can select from Groom-Able Coats and Natural Coats. Please look at our examples listed on each selection. This should really help understand where your dog fits into pricing with our pricing calculators.


Click here to see our individual grooming list. These are services such as nails, face trim, paw trim and bath/brush.

Everything on this list still requires an appointment!


Click here to read information on our puppy introduction. You can see our pricing calculator and grooming process as well as 5 benefits to a puppy intro!

We still require an appointment for your puppy.


Click here to read more information on the shampoo and products that we use.

We suggest checking out our list in case you suffer from any allergies - sometimes our products have strong scents that you (or someone at home) may be sensitive to.

Nagayu CO2 Bathing System

Nagayu C02 Bathing System is a skin therapy treatment that works with the water in the tub to heal various skin infections ailing your pet. This includes odour, itchiness, ear conditions and fungus. The treatment comes in the form of a tablet that is used during the bathing process. The tablet generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ion and transforms the water into CO2.

Here is the website for more information:

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